■Quick Replacement

WHY PC BELT?The "PC BELT" broke the old practice of replacement of traditional. It is possible to replace it more quickly, and more easily. Therefore, the stop time of the line is minimized, and the cost is kept to the minimum, too.

■Strong & Long life

PC BELT The "PC BELT" is a belt made of a black polyurethane that resists ultraviolet and the sunray.
Wear and friction are reduced. The metal hook joint resists rust. A stainless steel connector that endures severe use is used.It is possible to use it as a temporary substitute, or continuously just like a round belt.


The "PC BELT" is a commodity of an international company that has manufactured the welding belt for 40 years or more. The strength test and the quality control, etc. are thoroughly done, and conforms to highest international standard.

■Prices are lower than traditional round belts.

The "PC BELT" costs about the same as a round belt. However, considering the labor and the lost time of maintenance, the total cost becomes very attractive.

■It's possible to use for almost all belt conveyers.

It suits almost all belt conveyers because there is a 10%-20% stretch rate.

※The stretch rate of hard type is 5%-10%.
The custom-designed size is available in proportion to the number of lots.

Size of "PC BELT"

contactcontact◆ Normal type
  SIZE: 270mm, 300mm, 330mm Φ(5mm)
 (Expansion rate: 10%-20%
  Color:Black , Clear <<new color>>

◆ Hard type ※For conveyer that handles high load transportation and torque.
  SIZE: 270mm, 300mm, 330mm Φ(5mm)
 (Expansion rate: 5%-10%)

LinkIconmore hard type

  • When you want size nonstandard, the clear color of the hard type, other colors, I prepare a special order product. ※The price becomes expensive compared with standard.
  • The price of the PC belt will change according to the ordering quantity. Price list by Mail or FAX upon request.
  • Delivery within one week from the order date (Delivery date of special orders 1,000 or more is 2 weeks from order date.)

How to measure length of round belt.

Measure and cut the unused Belts.
Length of the total length of unused round belt×0.9
If the round belt total length exact size of the current 330mm
330 × 0.9 = 297mm → fit size 300mm

  • PC belt, is what has been made ​​to conform to a number of conveyor manufacturers.
  • Suitability of each conveyor, you'll need to go in your own. If the determination is difficult, because you send a sample, please order on which it tried.


"PC BELT" has the stretch rate of 5%-20%, is multiplied by 0.9.

Comparison of PC BELTS

  Normal Hard
SIZE 270mm
Diameter 5mm 5mm
ASTM D 2240
85+/-3 92+/-3
ASTM D 412
5,000 6,000
ASTM D 412 500 450
ASTM D 412
PLI Die"C"
ASTM D 624
500 775
Component Polyurethane Polyurethane
Adaptive point
  • Flexion rotation takes place
  • Using the oil field
  • Using the field bad environment such as long-term UV exposure
Stretch rate of 10%-20% strength
  • High load carrying
  • Using the oil field
  • Using the field bad environment such as long-term UV exposure
Stretch rate of 5%-10% strength
Properties High Stretch rate, high tensile strength.
Resists in ultraviolet rays and oil.
Not suitable for use where a high load and torque are needed.
High Stretch rate, high tensile strength.
Resistant to ultraviolet rays and oil.
Use where a high load torque are needed.
Because belt is hard, not suitable where an extreme winding rotation is needed.

Manufacturers internal test results data